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We awoke to blue skies and sunshine in Chicago yesterday. In fact we flew through blue skies across the country until we reached the state of Washington. Our landing in Seattle sent up great sprays of water from the downpour. … Continue reading

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Leaving Greenbush

Today we leave Greenbush and drive back to Chicago. I sit here enjoying the pale dawn in the woods, turkeys roaming around the yard, and the cool sweet air coming in the window. This is the bird Benjamin Franklin wanted … Continue reading

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A Busy Day With Some Sadness and A Happy Reunion

Yesterday was Spiky’s last day. His seizures had stopped, but he was pacing 24 hours a day and began yipping with a strange sound. After many discussions and a consultation with the vet Spiky went to the vet for the … Continue reading

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Greenbush Wisconsin

We’ve been with friends Sandy and Don in Greenbush the last couple of days. Lots of chatting and memories. Don and I fished together for many years. As a reminder of our adventures many fish trophies adorn the walls in … Continue reading

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Visiting Friends and Family

Friday we spent the day with my college big brother, Doug, in Chicago. It was an afternoon of talking, laughing, and remembering. Lunch was at the Rainforest Cafe, an experience Jean and I had never seen. It was loud, crazy, … Continue reading

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