A Beautiful Birthday Week at the Beach and a Sad Goodbye

Last week we traveled to the Long Beach Peninsula in SW Washington. This has become an annual tradition to celebrate Jean’s birthday. Our condo had a great view of the ocean.

We spent several afternoons walking on the beach. There are three possible walks: on the sand, on a dune top boardwalk, or on a paved trail that winds among the dunes. Each has its own attractions.

And at the end of each day a sunset. This is not common in mid-December.

One afternoon we crossed the Columbia to visit Fort Clatsop, the winter quarters for the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Having landed first on the north (Washington) shore, they decided that the south shore presented better opportunities for the winter. So they packed up and crossed the wide river.

Fort Clatsop, Lewis and Clark Expedition Winter Camp in Oregon

These are some pics from their canoe landing on a small river that empties into the Columbia just before it reaches the Pacific.

After five days of sun and sand we had to rush home for a very special and somewhat sad event. For 12 years we have traveled many miles to beautiful camp sites in our beloved Picasso. She has been a very comfortable home on wheels from south Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Oregon, and all around our lovely state of Washington.

Our aging bodies no longer adapted well to long car trips or to moving about in Picasso. It was time to move on. Therefore, Saturday morning Paul got up early to prepare Picasso for delivery to her new owners. There is a big bare place in our yard and in our hearts.

We will continue to travel and post on this site when we do. Thanks for coming along for the ride!

Paul and Jean

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New Discovery Close To Home

While looking for some new places for our daily walk I found a name on a map of our area. Kruckeberg Botanic Garden is just a couple of miles from our home. While not large in area, it has a good trail system and beautiful plants and birds. I enjoyed a walk there on a sunny Friday.

In addition there are surprise sculptures Such as this owl.

Wood Wave by Bruce Johnson

Wood Wave is made of redwood and copper. Go and check out this wonderful little Shoreline park.


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Long Beach Washington

We spent last week in Long Beach. It was very stormy, but that is part of the appeal to visiting here in the winter. The waves are incredible. The storms roll in off the Pacific. And we had a ring side seat. We usually found a dry hour each day to walk on the dunes.

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Finally Mt. Baker Emerges From the Clouds

After five days we awoke to sunshine and warmth. It was time to go up the mountain. Artist Point is one of the most beautiful scenic places we have ever visited. It never fails to take our breath away. Mt. Baker is the erstwhile star of the show.

However, we love Mt. Shuskan that lies to the east. It looms in your face saying, “look at me!”

Jean conquered a nearby rock to get a better view.

It was a perfect day!


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Looking Closely

I love to look closely at various natural things. Here are a few of my favorites from the Nooksack River trails.

Although late in August, many flowers and colorful berries may be found.

Each walk was an opportunity to find new delights.


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34 Years Together, 33 Years Married!

We celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary with a trip to the North Cascades. Mt. Baker is one of Washington’s gems. From the lush rain forest of the foothills to the alpine tundra above tree line this area is a paradise with something interesting around every corner.

Unfortunately the first 5 days of our stay were grey and wet. Therefore, rather than venture into the alpine territory where the view would be limited, we spent our days hiking in the forests along the Nooksack River. The water ouzels entertained us and the river provided the soundtrack.

No phone, no TV, and few people. It was a quiet oasis during these trying times.


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Big Four Mountain

Since the pandemic we haven’t traveled away from home much. However, we have gone on some short day trips. I decided that those should be recorded on Travels With Picasso.

We took a day trip to Big Four Mountain today. The river has bypassed the bridge so the ice caves are not accessible this year, the the views are wonderful. We ate lunch in the meadow, did some sketching and painting, and then hiked in a loop to the Stillaguamish River. Despite the dry weather there are some nice flowers. Of course I can’t resist artistic closeups of the beauty of nature.

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Keys View

We took a brief trip to Keys View in Joshua Tree National Park. That is, if a 5 hour trip can be so called. You see, Keys View is only 12 miles from our condo – as the crow flies – but it is 80 miles by road. We ascended from sea level to 5,200 feet. As we remembered from past visits the view is spectacular!

Our condo is behind the hill near my right elbow…12 miles away.

As seems to be the case everywhere we travel, humans love to leave a personal mark. These stone sculptures are always interesting and much more ecological than other types of graffiti.

The road to the mountaintop goes through the most one of the most impressive joshua tree forests in the park.

No trip into this park is complete without the ever present rocks.

With shadows lengthening we head down the mountain.


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Lazy Days and Dates

We have been a bit lazy the last couple of days. Doing lots of reading, sitting outside to enjoy the warm fresh air, writing and playing music, painting, and taking the occasional stroll. We have begun to take nighttime walks on the golf course cart paths. They are unlighted, but we have our cell phone lights if necessary. The stars are amazing and no one else walks out there! Daytime walks have been around our resort and they provide some interesting things to look at.

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This afternoon we decided to visit a local tourist attraction, Shields’ Dates. This date farm, roadside stand, and cafe have been in the same place since 1924. We watched the introductory video: The Romance and Sex Lives of The Date. Then we spent a short while in their gardens.

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Of course we bought some dates to attempt to duplicate the marvelous date/bacon skewers we had a Arnold Palmer’s the other night. We’ll let you know how they turn out!

Where ever you go in the Coachella Valley the mountains watch over you.

Not sure what tomorrow will bring.

Good night!


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Happy Valentine’s Day

For some of you this is a day early, for those on the other side of the world it’s right on time. We decided to go out to dinner (a rarity for us) to celebrate our love. However, to avoid the crowds we went out on February 13.

We chose Arnold Palmer’s Restaurant in La Quinta. Although Arnie as been dead a couple of years, the restaurant continues the tradition of serving many of his favorite dishes and some fantastic new ones created by their excellent chef. We began with bacon/fig skewers and tomato burrata salad, then progressed to sea bass with forbidden rice. Both were accompanied by a wonderful malbec wine. Dessert was butter cake surrounded by fresh berries and whipped cream accompanied by a glass of port. Each dish exceeded our expectations! What a fine evening.

Our daily walks continue to be close to “home.” There are beautiful desert mountains

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and some interesting flowers that bloom a little more each day despite the lack of rain.

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Morning doves sing to us every morning.

The reflections in the many ponds around our complex are stunning.

What a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day and to spend the month of February.




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