We are artists and photographers who love to travel. Frequently our travels occur with our small trailer/studio named Picasso. Our photos are posted on Flickr. Our art will soon be highlighted on web sites. Our travels will be documented here. We look forward to sharing with you and reading your comments.

Paul and Jean


This is Picasso, our trailer/studio on the road.

5 Responses to About

  1. Wendy Prest says:

    Hi Jean! I would love to be on your list to receive updates–this looks like a delightful site. How wonderful to be married to another artist!

    • Paul says:

      You should now see a “Follow” button to allow you to enter your e-mail address. Then you will get a confirmation e-mail. Once you have confirmed you will get a message whenever we post. We only post on Travels With Picasso when we are traveling while painting. Thanks for asking.

  2. ace davis says:

    We look forward to following your further adventures. Love, ace and marco

  3. Steve says:

    Awesome blog, Paul!

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