A Very Wet Day

We awoke in Eugene this morning to a steady rain/downpour. After 40 minutes outside taking down our trailer hookup I was soaked to the skin. My Seattle rain jacket gave up after about 30 minutes. I told Jean that this may have been my worst morning in the last 10 years. Jean was packing the inside of the trailer, so got spared much of the wetness. We got in the car and headed south without drying off.

This picture is a few hours later when we stopped at a rest stop. It is no longer raining, but I am still wet to the skin. With the car heater running I am at least warm wet.

This day also involved going through the Siskiyous with intermittent rain, big trucks, steep grades (both up and down). The down grades are the scariest due to the trailer sometimes trying to drive the car down the mountain. I kept it in second gear and no more than 40 to maintain control and had no problems. Going uphill was keeping the RPM down and going 40. This was only on the steepest grades (5% or greater). Otherwise we maintained a steady 55 most of the day. The second picture is the driver concentrating on the road.

Tonight we’re camped in another Premier RV Resort in Redding CA. It has similar amenities to last night, which is why I can post using the free wi-fi. Tomorrow we hope for a dryer start and sunny weather before the day ends.


About Paul

I'm retired, but working at painting, photography, and song writing. We like to travel and paint plein air in new places. Of course that's also where photography comes into the picture, so to speak. Sometimes I get inspired to write songs about the people and places we visit.
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5 Responses to A Very Wet Day

  1. Lois Beck says:

    Hi Jean & Paul,

    Glad you got off as planned and are nearing the sun. My sister and I returned on Friday night from a few days in sunny Austin, Tx. It was not raining on the drive to Oly from Seatac but it has rained pretty consistantly since then.

    I missed Gluttons and have not heard a report.

    Have a wonderful trip!!


  2. Kate B says:

    This is the second day of pouring rain here in Seattle, too.

    Redding = the first In ‘N’ Out Burger south of Seattle! I recommend it!

  3. Ruth Fox says:

    o-o-o-oh.. lol. have to say i was wondering about that. this is what confused me: “This picture is a few hours later when we stopped at a rest stop.” when the moose picture was the only one i’d noticed so far! i was amazed that you’d seen a moose at a rest stop in OR. ha ha then again, i seriously didnt get much sleep last night, had to get up way early to go to a conference this morning. doesnt make the picture any less stunning! my dad and sister here in baltimore like it too. : p

  4. Ruth Fox says:

    outstanding, stunning photo! wow! i didn’t know there were moose in oregon… : )

    • Paul says:

      Very funny. Our blog header photo was taken in Grand Teton National Park in October. No moose that I know of in Oregon or California. We haven’t seen much wildlife through the haze of a rain covered windshield.

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