Arizona Highlights


We are coming up on two weeks in Arizona and want to share some highlights. Internet connectivity has been spotty, so posts aren’t frequent. We use McDonald’s free wifi when we can.

Jean and I played golf one day earlier this week. There’s a great little 9 hole course close to where we are staying. It’s a par 3/4 course, so not too long. I also played once by myself last week. However, golf in Arizona in the winter is expensive, so we’re limiting our play.

On Monday we drove to the top of South Mountain, a Phoenix landmark. From the lofty height of 1400 feet above the valley Phoenix and all of the suburbs are visible through a dense layer of smog. One very noticeable thing from that vantage point is that there are very few tall buildings, not many multi-family apartment/condo buildings, and lots of sprawl. Cars, cars, cars. After that experience we spent the afternoon at the Phoenix Art Museum. They have a very eclectic collection. One interesting current exhibit is a view of the development of art in the 19th century. The museum also has a small collection of modern art featuring some of our favorites like Diego Rivera and Georgia Okeefe. Unfortunately, their Freida Kahlo was out on loan.

On Tuesday we drove east past the Superstition Mountains (home of the fabled Lost Dutchman gold mine) to one of our favorite places in Arizona – Boyce Thompson Arboretum State Park. This is the legacy of a man who collected plants from all the deserts of the world and created small examples of those deserts in this place. It is now maintained by an army of volunteers who lovingly care for the plants and facilities. The trails are beautifully designed to offer great photo opportunities at every turn. Stunning red rock backdrops and blue skies compliment the cacti and other desert plants. I’m attaching a couple of photos.

We’re planning to head east with Picasso on Monday. Before then we will celebrate the new year with Pat. Happy new year to all of our friends and family!

About Paul

I'm retired, but working at painting, photography, and song writing. We like to travel and paint plein air in new places. Of course that's also where photography comes into the picture, so to speak. Sometimes I get inspired to write songs about the people and places we visit.
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