Ireland . . .

Kittiwake Pastel

If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute and it will be different. I’ve never been a place where that is so true. It’s so changeable that it’s difficult to get a good exposure on photos. You set the camera and by the time you press the button the light has changed.

Well, okay. That may be a slight exaggeration (we are in Ireland after all where exaggeration is a way of life . . . laughing) but truly I’ve not had so many over or under exposed photos in a long time.

Meantime, we are settled in to our cottage and are enjoying Dingle, despite the fickle weather gods.

Below are photos of our cottage, a few local sights, us, a painting of Ireland before we left and my most recent art done while here in Ireland.

Gallarus on the Dingle Peninsula where we are staying is a treasure trove of Antiquities . . . everything from ring forts to castles to sacred sites. Many of these are within walking distance of our cottage. Add to this the harbour and cliffs and the blue green water and you will understand why it is such a wonderful place to be.

A bit of heaven as my father used to call it, and he wasn’t even Irish . . . smiling.

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3 Responses to Ireland . . .

  1. Ellen says:

    Kilmakedar! My favorite place in all of Ireland I think. We spent a lot of time here – I just could not leave. We did not get to St. Brendan’s – looks lovely. Your stay on the Dingle sounds like it’s going well despite some cold and windy weather. Well, here in Wisconsin it’s not summer either. We had a couple of 90 degree days in early June that started the panic setting in for me and then…the rains came. And they pretty much have not stopped. Thanks for all the great photos. Can’t wait for your trip north.

  2. Carolyn says:

    Lovely photos and paintings you guys!

    If you find any relatives, let me know…I have a high school classmate who has a farm in Ireland. (John Ringling North III)

    Best wishes, Chris

    • Jean says:

      Glad you’re subscribed and enjoying the blog, Chris. I will definitely let you know if we find any relatives, but judging from what Frank said, I doubt there are any left. It has been grand here. I really feel at home and we aren’t yet close to Dunfanaghy.

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