Longing for Skellig . . .

I am really going to miss the Dingle peninsula and particularly the area where we’ve been staying. It truly feels like home. I could see staying here for an extended time, were it possible. Of course I would like all my friends to be here with us . . . ah, well. We can all dream.

As Paul, told you, we aren’t sure what kind of internet access we’ll have for the next two weeks, so this may be the last post for awhile.

In the meantime I’ve finished a new painting, this one a view of the Skellig Islands on the horizon, seen from the cliffs of Moher. I wanted to visit there but it didn’t work out. Among other things, everyone here warned us about how dangerous it is. They give you only 2 ½ hours on the island and the path to get up to it is a steep vertical up 800 ft of steep steps, cut into the cliff, with no secure guard rails. Last year two women visitors fell to their death on those steps. And it’s been unusually windy while we’ve been here, so the trip didn’t happen.

So here is a painting to express some of my longing to have gone there.
(Original image replaced)

Skellig's Beyond Reach, From Cliffs of Moher

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I am a pastel artist. See my Website for more information.
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9 Responses to Longing for Skellig . . .

  1. Pat McDonald says:

    Wow, this is strong … powerful stuff ….

  2. ace says:

    Dear Jean – See what you mean by the trickiness of greens…it’s especially cool to know the back story. Continue to travel well my dear. Love, ace

    • Jean says:

      Hi Ace,

      Great to hear from you. You must be gearing up for the trip to Kiev. You continue to travel well also. Two such different places, one on top of the other. I know Vince will be very happy to have you there to help him settle in.

      Love, Jean

  3. Jean says:

    Thanks to all for your kind comments. If you’ve come back, you may notice that the painting looks a bit different. The difference is that I took another photo of it. The last one was a bit intense. This one is closer to how the painting actually looks. Hope you still like it as much . . . smiling.

  4. molly brewer says:


  5. Becky Knold says:

    Jean, the painting is fabulous! I especially like that atmospheric green cliffside going down to the sea. How very special for you to have this reminder of your time in England’s countryside. Beautiful.

  6. Carolyn says:


  7. Carolyn says:

    Love it!

    • Susan says:

      Wonderful. Think I’ll just look at it for awhile. Hope your continued travels go well. Thank you for sharing with us. Susan

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