Apres Manet . . .

This a quick, about two minute sketch I did, copying in pastel, a quick watercolor sketch Manet did on a letter he sent to another artist. I’m sure it didn’t take him longer than two minutes to do his sketch and I wanted to duplicate that effort.

Unfortunately, I can’t find a digital copy of Manet’s sketch for your delight. Let me assure you that his was done with much more skill, but I doubt it gave him any more satisfaction . . . smiling. I fell in love with this little trifle of his and did a quick pencil sketch of it at the musuem. (See Paul’s earlier post about this visit to the Musee Orsay.)

As an interesting aside there were several of these quick watercolor sketches in the show, all on letters to the same artist. When I searched online for this particular sketch I found one of the others that had recently sold at auction for 42,000 pounds. 42,000 pounds!!!!

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I am a pastel artist. See my Website for more information.
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6 Responses to Apres Manet . . .

  1. Dotti says:

    Sweet flower — looks like it would be perfect on a letter to someone. Now if we only still wrote letters on paper! But then we wouldn’t see these things for maybe a month, and you could only send it to one person!

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, Dotti. My thoughts exactly. But it did almost make think I might like to start writing to people again anyway.

  2. Very, very nice, Jean. Thank you for sharing it.

  3. Susan says:

    Was it just like being his hand? Very wonderful.

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