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Waiting for Van Gogh

Paul: Let’s go. Jean: We can’t. Paul: Why not? Jean: We’re waiting for Van Gogh! That has been the story for the last two weeks as Musee d’Orsay rearranged their exhibits once again as part of their renovations. Van Gogh … Continue reading

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Another Week in Paris: Postscript

How could I have forgotten our day in Montmartre and visit to the Salvador Dali Museum? We road the metro halfway up the hill that is Montmartre, the tallest peak in Paris at about 500 feet. The hill is noticeable … Continue reading

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Another Week in Paris

This week we made a couple of excursions downtown to see art, had a great dinner with our friends, watched a French soccer match on TV, lounged around our studio, and did some of our own art work. If you … Continue reading

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A Pastel Glutton in Paris

Pastels . . . Paris . . . Inseparable I’ve been studying pastel masterpieces, drawing, doing a bit of painting of my own; and what better place than Paris to do all this? Paris is the home of some of … Continue reading

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Return to The Louvre

Yesterday was the first Sunday of August and a free day at state museums. We decided to take advantage to return to The Louvre to see the Helene and Victor Lyon Collection. The truth is that Jean wanted to see … Continue reading

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Paris Dispatch

It was a humid week in Paris. Although the temperature didn’t get scorching, the heavy air made exercise unpleasant. We spent a few days indoors, painting, with a few short walks to the market or to one of the neighborhood … Continue reading

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Le Jardin des Plantes

One of our recent days took us to Jardin des Plantes, a large park that includes natural history museums, a zoo, and marvelous gardens. It is a wonderful place to stroll, watch people, look at the beautiful flowers, walk long … Continue reading

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Halfway Reflections

Today and tomorrow mark the halfway point of our senior citizen semester abroad. Two weeks in London, six weeks in Ireland, and three weeks in Paris. (Approximately) It has been what I expected in some ways and different in others. … Continue reading

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