Upcoming Internet Access Limitations

Tomorrow we leave Sarlat and head to SW France. Our gite is in a very small village, Cuxac Cabardes, and we do not know what internet access will be like. I thought I should warn our friends that there may be silence for a couple of weeks unless we can find a good connection. That’s one of the thrills of traveling in very rural France. The cities have internet coverage, super markets, regular open air markets, boulangeries, gas stations, etc. Villages have few of any of the above.

Our next two stops: Cuxac Cabardes and Saint Martin de Crau are both tiny villages. However, both have good sized towns nearby. With luck a Tabac in one of those towns will have internet access. We might even find a McDonald’s for access, but I don’t count on finding any Starbucks out here like there are in Paris. Cybercafes seem to be nonexistent in rural areas.

Anyway, we will post when we can.

Au revoir,


About Paul

I'm retired, but working at painting, photography, and song writing. We like to travel and paint plein air in new places. Of course that's also where photography comes into the picture, so to speak. Sometimes I get inspired to write songs about the people and places we visit.
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3 Responses to Upcoming Internet Access Limitations

  1. Kate says:

    If you can see the email associated with this comment, either that the @aol.com one in the comment above works.

  2. KateB says:

    I’ve been following your writings daily as a feed on my iPad. I haven’t commented much as it’s a little more difficult from the iPad. Just shared the link with Beda so I’m now reading on my desk computer and made a couple comments. I hope to join the lunch plans Beda is making upon your return!

    • Paul says:

      Thanks for the update. My last e-mail rejected your address, so I wasn’t sure if you were still watching. I’m not sure what the problem was because it seems to be the same address. Perhaps Don can explain it. 😉 I always depended on him at work to explain the mysteries of computers. Tell him I said hi. I’m looking forward to lunch with you and Beda in October.

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