Visiting with a friend

Yesterday we visited with the spirit of our friend, Elli.  It was the anniversary of her death according to the Jewish Calendar.  Her ashes are scattered on the Charonne side of Pere Laschaise, scattered to enrich the flora that thrives there amidst the monuments to the souls who have moved on.

Elli, Stopping by to say hello

Elli, Stopping by to say hello

She was happy to see us and stopped by to say hello.  As always, she made me laugh and made me think.

When we got home I found she had taken a picture with my camera.  I think she wanted to remind me to watch my step on those pesky cobblestones.

A Reminder From Elli

A Reminder From Elli

Thanks, Elli.

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4 Responses to Visiting with a friend

  1. Robin Cook says:

    Happy to hear you spent time with Elli as I am sure this trip does seem to be missing a player. Nice tribute to her memory and the place she holds in your hearts.

  2. Anju says:

    Beautiful, brings back very fond memories of times together with Elli. We miss her.


  3. Jean-Paul DUmont says:

    This is very nice. Thank you for sharing. JP

  4. Anju says:

    Your visit brought tears as well as happy thoughts of Elli. Thanksfor sharing.Yes, Elli is still smiling and is with us.

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