Whose Suitcase Is This?

Wrote this early on and forgot to post it . . .

It was a long flight, well two flights – one to DC, the second to London. Over 12 hours in the air and lots of mid-America agriculture to see.

Somewhere Over America

Even with the stimulating views I only got a few catnaps.

There may be disadvantages to packing your suitcase weeks in advance. The only things I could remember that I had with me were the items I threw in at the last minute. The first morning here, I looked in the suitcase for something to wear and could not remember what was there . . . all those mesh bags so neatly packed . . . what did they hold?

But the amnesia passed and the only problem has been that I packed mostly for 80ºF+ weather the temps have been mostly in the 60’s. So I spent a lot of time in jeans that I didn’t expect to need until sometime in September.

But things have gotten a lot better . . . smiles.

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I am a pastel artist. See my Website for more information.
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