Salvador Dali

Yesterday we traveled to Figueres, Spain to connect with JP and Koko at the Dali Museum. This Theater/Museum was designed by the master himself as a final resting place for himself and his works. The design twists back and forth upon itself, forcing the visitor to backtrack often and look back where you’ve been from an entirely different perspective. It’s a bit like walking through one of his paintings. Here are some pics of JP and I having a bit of fun in the mirrored stairway.

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The collection is overwhelming. I cannot process that much Dali in one visit. However, there were some surprises. We didn’t see a single melting watch until almost the end of the tour. Lip couches were in short supply. He did some marvelous watercolors. And Dali painted some remarkably realistic paintings. Here are just a few examples of his work you may not see in many Dali exhibits.

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A special treat was an unannounced special exhibition of works by Antoni Pitxot, a friend and collaborator of Dali. Pitxot died earlier this year. His works were of two styles: paintings of human figures composed of rock, and depictions of alga and lichen on rocks. They were stunning. Here is one example.

IMG_3421 Large Web view

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We followed our visit with lunch with our friends in a local cafe located just behind the museum.


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I'm retired, but working at painting, photography, and song writing. We like to travel and paint plein air in new places. Of course that's also where photography comes into the picture, so to speak. Sometimes I get inspired to write songs about the people and places we visit.
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2 Responses to Salvador Dali

  1. Wow! Didn’t know about Pitxpot…reminds me of all the poor folks in rafts trying to make it from Turkey to Lesbos, etc., etc. Love, ace

  2. Jean-Paul Dumont says:

    Lovely! I must say I greatly admired this wonderful guy whose image is mirrored endlessly in the staircase. Wow!

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