Gardens and Gail

Yesterday started with a trip to the beautiful Abkhazi Japanese Garden in the morning, moved on to a couple of hours with Gail Sibley, pastel artist extraordinaire, in the afternoon, and ended with an evening walk along the water to downtown Victoria.  What a great day it was.


There was so much to see at the Abkhazi garden:  flowers, trees, and a few surprises.

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Flowers everywhere, hiding in the shade, peeking out into the sun.

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Water featured lilies and turtles.

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Mason bee house.

IMG_1342 Large e-mail view

Mason Bee House


And of course, trees, trees, trees

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Then on to a delightful couple of hours at the Moka House coffeeshop to meet Gail Sibley in person and talk about pastels, painting, life, and pastels.

With Gail 3 Large e-mail view

She is tall! Or I’m short. Fisherman’s Wharf behind us.


No photos from the evening walk.  I forgot my camera.  But it was lovely end to a very fine day.

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I am a pastel artist. See my Website for more information.
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8 Responses to Gardens and Gail

  1. craham says:


  2. Jean-Paul Dumont says:

    Your photos are great, I love them and look forward to seeing more. You seem to spend a wonderful time there.

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, JP. Since we have over a month to go, I hope you don’t tire of them before the end. But it takes me so long to make a post you can be sure there won’t be one very day:)

  3. It sounds like a beautiful day!

  4. Wendy Prest says:

    What a lovely day you had…and you got to meet Gail! I am enjoying your vacation with you, thanks for taking me along.

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