Life in the Slow Lane

Life here in Courtenay is a pleasure.  The birds sing, the breeze in the trees is peaceful, the tide comes and goes, along with the herons and eagles, we walk the Riverwalk which starts only a few feet from our house, explore trails in the local and provincial parks, and of course we make art.

A few days ago we explored a different part of Millard Nature Preserve, across the road and up the hill.  A brief sample of the sounds.


And in response to fan requests (you know who you are my friends) here are a few paintings as well. The first three are from photos taken years ago at the Grand Canyon.  I’ve been testing colors and methods.  Did this painting twice.


Sunset 1

And again.

Another view of the canyon:


Leaving the canyon, this one from imagination, with an underpainting of marks made when testing pastels for values and test how many layers of pastel I could get on unsanded paper.


And finally, a rose from a photo taken last week.

There are a lot more, mostly sketches, but that’s enough for now!



About Jean

I am a pastel artist. See my Website for more information.
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6 Responses to Life in the Slow Lane

  1. Antoinette S Wills says:

    I left an extended reply to this on Facebook, but I’ll comment here on how much I liked both your words and your paintings. I love that rose.

  2. Jean-Paul DUMONT says:

    Very restful sounds and of course your art work is always a delight to watch, although I am longing for more samples.

    • Jean Sullivan says:

      Ah, JP, where is your art my dear? Surely Bogota has some interesting subjects. And letters. I’ve seen no posts from you yet.

  3. Wendy Prest says:

    I’m enjoying Paul’s words and pictures, but it was lovely to hear from you, too. It sounds like a wonderful vacation and I wish you continued pleasures and more art-making!

    • Jean Sullivan says:

      Thanks, Wendy. It took me awhile to make a post. I hadn’t logged on in a long time. And Paul does such a good job:)

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