34 Years Together, 33 Years Married!

We celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary with a trip to the North Cascades. Mt. Baker is one of Washington’s gems. From the lush rain forest of the foothills to the alpine tundra above tree line this area is a paradise with something interesting around every corner.

Unfortunately the first 5 days of our stay were grey and wet. Therefore, rather than venture into the alpine territory where the view would be limited, we spent our days hiking in the forests along the Nooksack River. The water ouzels entertained us and the river provided the soundtrack.

No phone, no TV, and few people. It was a quiet oasis during these trying times.


About Paul

I'm retired, but working at painting, photography, and song writing. We like to travel and paint plein air in new places. Of course that's also where photography comes into the picture, so to speak. Sometimes I get inspired to write songs about the people and places we visit.
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8 Responses to 34 Years Together, 33 Years Married!

  1. Beekee says:

    Missing you two already. Glad to see the blog here… didn’t have any phone service on sLopez myself last week… and just reached home.

    In a way, it must have been nice to see gray days and rain, no? Did you eat up all the delicious food you prepared?


    • Paul says:

      It was good to see you. Yes, we managed to eat most of the food we prepared, but did get take out twice. As for the gray skies and rain, we hiked in the forest around the condo. The sun came out the day before we left and we managed to get up to Mt. Baker. We also did not have phone service where we were. It was nice to have things so isolated and quiet.

  2. Jean-Paul Dumont says:

    Dear Jean and Paul: Belated congratulations on your wedding anniversary. I am presently on the ïle d’Yeu (it is a small island off the Atlantic Coast, across from the Vendée region, and slightly south of Brittany. The tiny island, boasts of some 5,000 off-season inhabitants who grow to some 50,000 in-season. It is great for beach lovers, and seafood lovers; I am afraid I fall more on the second than on the first category. I happen to have a friend who lives there and invited me to spend a few days on the island. Weather has been gorgeous for the last week, and it seems that this represents the whole of their summer this year!
    Congratulations again and many happy returns.

  3. Beda C Herbison says:

    I also love Mt. Baker. It’s less used than Mt. Rainier and as you say, a gem. Great pic of Jean! Congrats on your 33rd year together. Beda

  4. Wendy Prest says:

    Thanks for the photos, Paul and Hi Jean!

  5. sierrajane54 says:

    Very happy anniversary to you lovers! ❤ much love, mb, jane and olive.

  6. Jan Harvell says:

    Dear Jean and Paul,

    Many congratulations on your 33 years, we celebrated 50 this year – sorry to “Trump” you 🙂

    You trip, although marred by the weather somewhat, looks lovely – we managed a day trip to Brighton :-).

    Always lovely to hear from you – I think of you almost daily with my “Empty Feeders” looking at me every time I go into the breakfast room!!!

    Sending love to you both. x x x x

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