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Beacon Hill Park

A beautiful sunny day in Victoria! The perfect day for walking and art in Beacon Hill Park. First we walked and took photos. My photography was curtailed because I had forgotten to bring a fresh battery for my camera. However … Continue reading

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Another Painting Adventure Begins

Today we left our house in care of some friends and drove north into Canada. Our next six weeks will be spent painting on Vancouver Island. That means a 30 minute wait at the border and a 90 minute ferry … Continue reading

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The Fourth Day of Jean’s Birthday Celebration

I spent a good part of today scoring new arrangements for Home Cookin’. These were songs I had been experimenting with and thinking about. I finally got to a point where I thought I could write them out. As a … Continue reading

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29th Wedding Anniversary Camping Trip

We just returned from a week camping along the Columbia River. Our 29th wedding anniversary was so auspicious that a solar eclipse occurred on the very day! We stayed at one of our favorite campgrounds – Wanapum Campground at Ginko … Continue reading

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A Productive Day

I woke Jean at 6:00 AM to see the sunrise. It was spectacular before the sun came over the mountains. Unfortunately by the time we got up and got our cameras the sun was up. It is still beautiful, but … Continue reading

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An Evening Walk

It has been a difficult few days since Pat, Jean’s sister, died. Days are filled with phone calls to friends and family as well as exchanges on the internet with people who knew Pat. We still do not have specific … Continue reading

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Pikes Peak Morning

The view from our niece and nephew’s deck this morning. Pikes Peak is shining. This will soon end. Snow is expected Friday, the day we hit the road again. Last night we had a great dinner prepared by Denise and … Continue reading

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Art and High Tea

  This morning we were leisurely in our approach to the day. The snow had melted over night, the Olympics were in view on the horizon, and a heron watched for stray fish on the rocks below our window. Why … Continue reading

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We awoke to blue skies and sunshine in Chicago yesterday. In fact we flew through blue skies across the country until we reached the state of Washington. Our landing in Seattle sent up great sprays of water from the downpour. … Continue reading

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Leaving Greenbush

Today we leave Greenbush and drive back to Chicago. I sit here enjoying the pale dawn in the woods, turkeys roaming around the yard, and the cool sweet air coming in the window. This is the bird Benjamin Franklin wanted … Continue reading

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